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For those of us in the fashion and luxury industry, we can appreciate just how rich, multifaceted and rewarding our industry is to be a part of. Customers might see fabulous designs on the shop-floor or on the runway, but we know the months of hard work and dedication it took to get those designs from production into sales.

The fashion and luxury retail ecosystems survive and thrive on the creativity, talent, passion and commitment of everyone’s contribution. So, whether you work in buying, merchandising or social media strategy, whether you’re in a Junior or a Senior role, whether your company is over a century old or you’re building from the ground-up in 2021, your skills are invaluable and your contributions are necessary.

But, when we’re focused on our career paths, our fields of expertise and getting our daily checklists done… we can sometimes forget to celebrate the work of others… we can forget to learn about and from one another… we can forget to take a step back and recognise just how much hard work goes into a day, from the early hours through to late at night.

This is why OTB set up the A Day In The Life Of series. It’s an opportunity to share, celebrate and connect. It’s an opportunity to spotlight sectors and roles we know little about. It’s an opportunity to see what’s happening behind the scenes for us all, whether we’re running around our city from meeting to meeting, whether we’re seeing our designs on models for the first time, or whether we’re starting our day with a coffee and a copy of the New York Times. We hope you’ll be inspired by the works of others, and potentially forge new connections and interests.


A Little Bit About OTB: 

Our most recent A Day In The Life Of shone the spotlight on our founder and managing director, Charmain. She goes into detail about her 25 years of experience in the luxury fashion  industry, and her breadth of knowledge that she’s able to apply to all levels of fashion recruitment. At OTB, our ethos is that recruitment consultancy is and must be an industry for and about people, their longevity and success, before it’s about hitting targets and KPIs. There’s nothing better than championing each other, but we should also be able to recognise the times we face difficulties, challenges and setbacks.


As we grow our A Day In The Life Of series and archive, we hope you’ll find a collection of exciting and diverse people. If you’re a current client or a potential client of the future, I’m sure we’d love to add you and your story to our collective, and hope it can be a useful resource for your profile.


Take A Look Around:

If you haven’t already, make sure to take a look at our A Day In The Life Of stories, where you’ll be introduced to some very talented people. We believe the stories shows what is possible in the fashion and luxury industry! Paul tells us all about his work as Global head of visual merchandising, which has seen him work with Hugo Boss, Harvey Nichols in London and much more. Mena is the Creative Director of MH Mena, an up-and-coming couture fashion house who is finally turning her ambitions and concepts into an exciting new business. Payal Kshatriya Cerri is the founder of Sarayu, who work in the fashion accessories and jewellery sectors of luxury, she has a fascinating story to tell.

No matter who we are or where we are in our careers, we all have a vision and a story to share. Make sure to follow our monthly newsletter and social media channels to keep up to date with the latest A Day In The Life Of pieces. We’ve got some exciting people and jam-packed days we can’t wait for you to read about.

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