At Outside The Box Recruitment, we don’t take candidates for granted or treat you as just a number on a database. Our consultants are trained to interact with every candidate with the highest respect and understanding.

“You don’t have to think very far outside of the box to understand that candidates returning to you after having a great service in the past, is a lot easier and less costly than sourcing a new candidate from scratch. It is not rocket science, but so many of our industry colleagues see courtesy, empathy and respect as having no place in recruitment.”

Charmain Gyles-Ferguson

We have a vested interest in providing you with the best opportunities available at your time of availability. Your time is precious, so we find it is best practice to spend time understanding your experience, your character and your ambitions in order to place you into a position that we feel you will flourish.

This approach may take a little longer than most but our results over the years show that in the long run it is in the best interest of both the candidate and the client. Our reputation is built upon that desire to do best by our candidates and provide what is often a life changing experience.

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