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Deyana Petrova


VP of Digital and Ecommerce


TTC – Trafalgar Travel


What is your morning routine?

I try to maximize sleep, so I wake up at 8, have my compulsory 2 coffees and off I go walking to work. I need to add that I really am not a morning person.

How did you get the job / how did you become involved with the industry?

I have always been absolutely in love with the travel industry and I have always known this is what I want to do. Then digital came along. I fell in love with the capability of being able to create anything, have a piece of the Internet to myself, the endless opportunities that technology and digital create every single day. I really wanted to be a part of this world shift towards e-commerce. 11 years later, I am still in love with both and I think this is how I got my job – being truly passionate about what I do.

What is your main responsibility?

I look after the global digital and direct presence of Trafalgar and Costsaver, as well as looking after my absolutely amazing team, who make my world complete. This sounds like a love song but truly and honestly, I would not be where I am without the team I have.

What is your typical day like?

The one thing that happens as you grow in your career is meetings ? So my days are full of a lot of meetings discussing projects and strategies across the globe. I also do get to do fun work, as I like to be involved in every channel I manage, so sometimes you can see me posting stories on our Instagram accounts, writing copy for ads or web pages, amending email campaigns or doing reporting. I am a true believer in keeping my finger on the pulse of every channel I look after and not getting complacent with my knowledge from once upon a time when I did the work hands on. I make sure to make time in my week to do the above activities adhoc and learn from my team, from the industry and just by me trying bits and seeing what happens.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love everything I do. However, being able to play with ideas I have come up with and see them come to life and perform well, is definitely the highlight of my role.

What’s the worst part of your job?

It will have to be the meetings (sorry)

What’s your most memorable work moment?

There isn’t one to be fair as every role I have held has gifted me with memorable moments that I love to look back at and be proud of.Probably receiving the award for eCommerce innovation back in 2016 was one of the highlights, being able to be a guest lecturer talking about conversion in 2019 at Anglia Ruskin university, or being named top Instagram accounts to follow for 2 consecutive years (’18 &’19) by the Evening Standard.


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