Meet Susana Duarte

Outside The Box Recruitment’s Divisional Manager responsible for Design, Technical, Production and Wholesale is keen to connect with clients seeking exceptional candidates, and candidates looking for their next career move.  

Susana Duarte is a Recruitment professional with a wealth of international experience in the Fashion, Design, Production, Technical and Wholesale areas.  Originally from Portugal, and fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French, Susana initially worked in Wholesale and Retail. On being introduced to Recruitment, she joined an agency focused on Retail and Fashion. Seven years on, Susana made the move to Outside The Box Recruitment just six months ago.

If the retail outlet is front-of-house, then the jobs for which Susana recruits can be said to be behind-the-scenes. Design, Technical and Production roles embrace every aspect of the garment creation process, including product design and development, sample production, fabric, colour and technical construction, pattern-cutting, machining, factory management, wholesaling and more.  

A shared business ethos

Susana shares Charmain’s business ethos and desire to provide a truly bespoke and individual service to both clients and candidates alike. She notes, ‘To me, recruitment has always been a personal experience, and that’s why I meet face-to-face with both candidates and clients. We’re not only matching skill sets; it’s about getting a personality fit too. Not everyone with the same set of skills will be a good fit to any given role.  Meeting people face-to-face and getting to know them as individuals also helps to build trust.’ Over time, Susana notes, she has placed the same people more than once, and has had candidates return to her as clients.

It’s not just what you know, but… who

Susana is an experienced and trusted international Recruiter, highly regarded in Fashion and Retail across the world. From EMEA to Australasia and beyond, she sources quality candidates for her clients, matching them with exciting and challenging positions.

Over the years, Susana has nurtured and developed an extensive network. ‘Not everyone is on LinkedIn,’ she notes, ‘and sometimes the ideal candidates are not actively looking for work, so their CV’s aren’t out there to find. To be effective, you need to keep abreast of who is where, and be able to approach the best people directly, or through mutual contacts.’ Candidates will also often recommend new contacts to Susana.

Making connections, old and new

Susana spent her first six months at Outside The Box Recruitment focusing on making connections with new clients and candidates. ‘Now, with my feet under the table,’ she says,  ‘I’m ready to reconnect and very keen to renew contact with clients and candidates with whom I’ve worked in the past.’  Turnover in the fashion world can be rapid and Susana will be making up for the lost time. She notes, ‘Where people have moved on from their old positions, I’ll be doing some detective work to make connections with new contacts!’

As for the future, Susana’s ambition is to be able to expand the Design, Production and Technical Division of Outside The Box Recruitment to the point where she can build her own team. She says, ‘I’m looking forward to being able to bring Consultants on-board to train and develop at OTB.’

What next?

Susana is ready and available to source ideal candidates internationally, to fill positions ranging from junior/entry level to director and board level. With her extensive network of contacts and years of experience, her searches reach far beyond the boundaries of LinkedIn. 

Call Susana on +44 (0)7752 442 212 or email to discuss your specific requirements and gain access to candidates that you might otherwise never meet.

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