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Outside The Box Recruitment is expanding into the Digital Marketing and Ecommerce side of premium and luxury brands recruitment. This initiative is spearheaded by new team member, Negah Amirani, who has joined Outside The Box Recruitment as Divisional Lead Consultant – (Digital Marketing & Ecommerce).

Negah is a specialist headhunter, having worked in recruitment for over 10 years across the Fashion, Retail, Jewellery, Luxury Brands, FMCG and Luxury Travel sectors. Her experience has brought her into contact with many top global brands, including Harrods, Graff Diamonds, Omega, Penhaligons, Coach, Contiki, Trafalgar Travel and Elizabeth Arden.

Negah has had an avid interest in technology since her school days. She graduated with a degree in computer science and today, she makes it her business to stay connected with the digital world. She keeps up to date with thought-leadership, news and trends across digital services such as content creation and delivery, ecommerce and social media.

Luxury and premium brands have always had a place in Negah’s heart. She says, ‘People who know me will say that I was born to work in the luxury sector! I have an appreciation for style and design and I value the creativity and artistry of luxury goods and statement pieces.’

Luxury and premium brands digital marketing & Ecommerce  – from the ground up

Negah is charged with establishing Outside The Box Recruitment’s digital marketing & Ecommerce division and is looking to engage with clients and potential candidates across all digital marketing disciplines.

The roles which fall within Negah’s remit include:

  • Digital Marketing: directors, managers and executives, digital analysts, content managers, creators
  • Ecommerce: directors, managers and executives
  • AND any roles involving: Creating, running or maintaining Ecommerce or social media channels, including technical support, digital designers and developers.

Negah will also be involved in recruiting for roles across general PR, communications and campaign strategy and development.

She notes, ‘It’s wonderful to be joining a specialist boutique consultancy with such a solid reputation within the luxury and premium brands sector, and it will be an exciting challenge, growing the digital & Ecommerce business from scratch.’

A 360-degree personalised and professional service ethos

Having always worked for boutique agencies with a focus on high quality personalised service, Negah is a great fit with the Outside The Box Recruitment service ethos. She is also accustomed to resourcing client projects, end-to-end. Says Negah, ‘I have always done it all, from business development through client management, to receiving a brief, headhunting, interviewing, placement and aftercare. I love engaging with stakeholders to identify the best-fit talent for their teams, and I particularly enjoy working with junior candidates, helping them to develop their skills and grow their careers with brands, through jobs which offer them a long-term future as well as a great opportunity today.’ For Negah, the most rewarding thing of all is when a candidate rises up an organisation  and becomes a client.

Making connections

In common with the rest of the Outside The Box Recruitment team, Negah is an accomplished networker. She notes, ‘I have never had the luxury of a marketing budget and as a result I’ve always relied upon networking and referrals to build contacts.  As long as you maintain high standards and have a good reputation, as I have always tried to do, you will make connections, grow referrals and gain access to the best talent – even when those people are not actively job-seeking.’

Recruitment is a personal service and Negah says, ‘I always think, if it were me looking for a job, how would I like to be treated.’ And what better recommendation than a happy candidate, like Justin, for example, who writes on Negah’s LinkedIn page, ‘Negah … filled me with so much confidence at every step of the recruitment process. She is incredibly enthusiastic and motivational and makes you believe you can do anything. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Negah, she is as personable as she is professional.’

What else about Negah?

Life isn’t all about work and in her spare time, Negah produces street photography, mainly pictures of cities she has visited in her travels. She also paints and plays the divan – a long-necked lute originating in the regions of Iran and Turkey.

Getting started

Negah is available to discuss requirements across the digital marketing and Ecommerce disciplines with clients and candidates alike.  Whether you’re a brand looking to hire new talent, or you’re looking for a new job at junior, middle, senior or director level, call Negah on +44 (0)7734 970113 or email to discuss your needs and expectations.

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