Luxury Brands Introduce the Capsule Collection Instantly In-Store

Luxury Brands Introduce the Capsule Collection Instantly In-Store

See Now, Buy Now

Speed. It is all we want today. In a world where everything is available right now, everybody is expecting quickness.

Fashion shows are becoming more and more famous and their main goal consisting of selling products to buyers and retailers is not exclusive anymore.

The phenomenon of wholesale NFL jerseys creating spectacular fashion shows cannot stop growing, especially with the emergence of wholesale jerseys social media that allows people to talk about this kind of events. This keen interest created by people on social networks leads the to luxury brands to question themselves on the best strategy to adopt when they have to sell their products after appearance on the cheap NFL jerseys runways. For some people, the delay between the fashion show and the launch in store is too long and they are not willing to buy a product that already looks “old.” The new generation wholesale nfl jerseys Z consisting of people born after 1995 who are totally social media aware and who live in an “accessible” world, does not like to wait and they want everything as fast as possible. The trend of “See Now, Buy Now” is being more and more appreciated by these generations. These people are not the first target of these luxury brands but these famous brands definitely have to deal with them for their own advertising.

Luxury brands have some troubles meeting the consumers’ needs in this case because the delay between the end of the design process (time of the fashion show) and the end of de the production (time of the appearance of products in store) is Fashion not easy to reduce.

However, the brands are trying to find a solution to meet customers’ expectations in creating a capsule collection that is shown on the runway and available in store the next day.

A good example is Prada. Indeed, Prada decided to be one of the wholesale MLB jerseys early adopters of this trend. Taking this opportunity, Prada Reasons will definitely put their products in famous fashion magazines’ covers.

Prada did not hesitate to give it a try and launched two of their bags presented during the Fall/Winter 2016 season fashion show. These two exclusive bags Jerseys are already available but, unfortunately, only in a few Prada stores. It is possible to find the Pionnière and Cahier bags in the stores of Paris, Milan, New York, and London, and they are not available on Prada e-shop. For now, only two products are available, probably because of the delays of production, but it is probably just a beginning and Prada may create a capsule collection instantly in store every season.

Luxury brands definitely have to deal with this trend and they will have to adapt to the situation. They will have to create more and more impressive fashion shows while keeping the exclusivity and secrecy of their products at an early stage of production. This way, they do not risk to be overwhelmed by the eagerness of consumers. Keeping their products off the record as long as the Basketball production is not done will allow brands to be more responsive to the demand. However, they still need to present their products to the buyers so they should focus on finding a way to present the collection privately.

I took the example of Prada, but Burberry and few other brands are also experiencing the “See Now, Buy Now” trend; that makes me think that we may enter a new era where the most impressive is the fashion show, the better it is.

Written By: Marjorie Carpentier
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