A Day In the Life of Jacqueline Celis



Jacqueline Celis


Talent Acquisition Manager


Ralph & Russo


What is your morning routine?

As a true Brit, I start with a cup of tea and review all emails that have come through from the night before. I usually try to keep my inbox at a minimum of unread before leaving work but that quickly increases after people go home and look for a new jobs. After checking emails I prioritise my day in order of what’s pressing and needs to be actioned quickly and off I go! I do always need to take 30min to fill in my trackers to see where we are with candidates to ensure a smooth candidate process and nobody is missed out. This helps my brain process it all too!

How did you get the job ?

I started working in Fashion at 16 on the shop floor and slowly worked my way into a head office role as a HR Assistant when I graduated. I worked within HR for some years at luxury fashion brands but soon realised I only loved the recruitment side of HR and followed my passion of people through recruitment. I started here as a L3-month fixed term Recruiter and was then offered a permanent contract and here I am, now a Talent Acquisition Manager!

What is your main responsibility?

I am responsible for the full 360 recruitment for the company and this includes international recruitment also. I focus on the recruitment of all corporate roles and other functions in the business from entry level to C-suite and oversee all roles that my team work on for technical roles.

What is your typical day like?

There is no typical day at Ralph & Russo, its always go, go go! I like that it keeps me busy and I am constantly on the look out for new talent and screening 100’s of cvs but on my ‘quieter’ days I schedule back to back calls and interviews with potential candidates or I am out and about scouting London.

What’s the best part of your job?

The most exciting part of my role is working closely with our Creative Director, Tamara Ralph in getting new and amazing talent for our Design team.

What’s the worst part of your job?

The difficulty of letting someone know they haven’t got the job. Sometimes the people we come across are amazing and have great potential but they are not right for the business at the time. I do tend to keep in contact with those candidates and at present a few of them have come to work for us and are still in the business!

What’s your most memorable work moment?

Our fashion shows are always amazing and breath taking to watch and I enjoy them every season however my memorable moment has to be when I was awarded the Ralph & Russo Superstar Award by Michael Russo, CEO & Tamara Ralph, Creative Director as a recognition to my contribution to the growth of the business and continued work and efforts to the company.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in the same profession?

There are 2 factors that I think are important in working in this profession that are key and that is communication and organisation however that is not as important as loving what you do and if you are a people person, love meeting and speaking to new people, the fulfilment we can get from working within Talent is great and if you get that buzz too, keep at it because this is the right path for you.

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